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Dunyha is an innovative company that is revolutionizing the real estate market by offering young homebuyers alternative financing solutions by way of Share Economy Homes, which we refer to as Dunyhas.

Dunyha understands that obstacles like student loan debt and large down payments often prevent many Millennials from realizing their dream of homeownership. Our plan not only tears down these barriers, but it allows homebuyers to obtain 100% equity in their home in as little as 10 years.

When other financial institutions say “No”,

Dunyha says, “Let’s be collective.”

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In Hungarian, dunyha refers to a traditional handmade duvet comforter. In Uzbek and Arabic dunyha means “world.” We choose the name Dunyha because it perfectly describes our goal to create Share Economy Homes across the globe that bring warmth and comfort to those that live there.

Share Economy Homes have a designated space for homeowners, but function as Dunyha branded guesthouses producing nightly income. Each guest or traveling group has an appointed bedroom in addition to access to common areas, such as the kitchen and living room. These homes include anywhere from five to eight bedrooms – all with a private bathroom and standardized amenities. Furthermore, each home also has a combined space ranging from 2,000 to 3,000 square feet.

As an impact investment, buying a Share Economy Home allows you to provide affordable and reliable housing to those visiting your local community while securing your financial future. Revenue is initially used to pay down the mortgage, but in as little as 10 years, you could have 100% equity in the home. At this point, you can continue to manage the Dunyha generating income for yourself, or decide to sell an asset that is much more valuable than when you first bought it.

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Share Economy Homes are ideal for those homebuyers that lack the funds for a down payment or who are having difficulty obtaining a traditional loan. With this option, Dunyha finances the home, and you serve as the house manager, with your own separate living quarters. Dunyha provides a variety of tools, such as keyless check-in and checkout, and automated message templates to make the management process as easy as possible for you.

Homebuyers that bring their own financing to the table have the option of staying at the property or living in another residence. Homebuyers staying at the property often handle the property management services themselves, while homebuyers living off-site have the option of contracting with Dunyha to handle the property management services for them.

Dunyha allows you to choose which path to homeownership is right for you. This will enable you to create a plan that meets your financial goals and adjusts to your current lifestyle.

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