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Dunyha is a tech driven real estate developer serving the next generation of homeowners and travelers.

Dunyha understands that obstacles like student loan debt and large down payments often prevent many potential buyers from realizing their dream of homeownership. Our plan not only tears down these barriers, but it allows homebuyers to obtain 100% equity in their home in as little as 10 years.

When other financial institutions say “No”,

Dunyha says, “Let’s be collective.”

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In Hungarian, dunyha refers to a traditional handmade duvet comforter. In Uzbek and Arabic dunyha means “world.” We choose the name Dunyha because it perfectly describes our goal to create Share Economy Homes across the globe that bring warmth and comfort to those that live and visit there.

Dunyhas are custom built homes located in prime urban markets. Each home has a private living quarters for the owner, combined with a curated space for travelers. Dunyha empowers full home-ownership with income generated from our guests. Travelers love Dunyhas for our unique spaces, standardized amenities, and personally invested hosts.

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Our strategy is focused on profitability per square foot and high occupancy yields via new technology. We build houses and scalable systems that result in efficient operating costs. Our owners make it possible for travelers all around the world to enjoy a special experience.

Dunyha allows you to choose which path to homeownership is right for you. This will enable you to create a plan that meets your financial goals and adjusts to your current lifestyle.

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